Calm, Cool and Connected

The holiday season can bring on an overwhelm of joys and anxieties. To help us all be our best this time of year, Sensate is offering a holiday special to help everyone find some calm and peace of mind. 

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Increase Your Stress Resilience

Sensate is designed to help you manage your body's response to stress and improve your overall wellbeing. Early studies regularly show improvement in Heart Rate Variability – a known indicator of wellbeing.

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Discover Better sleep

Deeper, longer sleep sessions, resulting in more refreshing and rejuvenating rest

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Calm Your Nerves

Increase stress resilience, optimize self-regulation, feel focused and more productive

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Reduce The Effects Of Stress

Calm your fight, flight, freeze response without effort, training or experience

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Feel Better Now

Nothing is needed except 10 minutes of your time, so let your body do the work for you

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Sensate: ten minutes is like a power nap – stimulating the vagus nerve is the new key to stress relief and good health.

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Sensate cured my fear of flying: the plane shakes and rattles… so I turn up the Sensate intensity on my phone…and immediately I start to relax again.

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Sensate stress-busting vagus nerve gadgetry could be a game changer.

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Sensate will be the biggest stress buster.