Coming Soon May 5th – Sensate on Indiegogo

Coming Soon May 5th – Sensate on Indiegogo

Stefan Chmelik


Want to bring the power of calm into your life? 

Want to help others do the same?

Announcing the crowdfunding launch of Sensate on Indiegogo on the 5th of May – a chance for everyone to rally around the opportunity to bring hi-tech vagus nerve toning innovation to as many people as possible. 

It may seem pretty bold to launch a campaign like this in the middle of these extraordinary times, but if anything, the circumstances brought on by Covid19 have made us even more determined to go forward. We can all use a shortcut to the health benefits of long-term mindfulness and meditation practices, more than ever before. 

(Sign up here to be notified when the campaign goes live, and for a chance to get Sensate at half price.)

A toned vagus nerve contributes to better mental health, a robust immune system and good quality sleep, among other benefits. With an unprecedented number of people struggling with increased stress and anxiety, the pressures of isolation, or tiring longer hours as essential workers, the need to be able to self-regulate our ‘fight, flight, freeze’ impulse has never been greater.

Launching an Indiegogo campaign will allow us to do two critical things – fast track our company’s production capabilities, and also be able to offer discounts to everyone who needs a Sensate (and a calming health boost) in their life. 

Are you a frontline worker, medical professional or carer? If you are, or if you know someone who is, we will be offering a ‘Sensate Hero’ discount throughout the campaign, as an unlimited category. We thank you for your tireless work and dedication to keeping us healthy, fed and safe.

We invite you to join our mission: to bring better wellbeing to yourself, as well to help us bring better health to as many people as possible. 

How can you be a part of this exciting future and also have a chance for 50% off?

  1. Visit our Indiegogo preview page and leave your email address to be notified when the campaign goes live on 5 May
  2. Forward this news about our campaign to your friends and family or share on social media to help us grow this grassroots effort
  3. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram if email isn’t your preference!

Any questions? Email us on [email protected]. Stay well, stay safe, and stay in touch. See you on the 5th of May.


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