Men's Journal Review

Men's Journal Review

Posted on Sep 29, 2021

The Coolest Pieces of Gear We Tested This Week

If you have trouble fully relaxing these days, you’re most certainly not alone… and we’ve got the next piece of tech you need to have in your life. Enter the Senate 2.

This little gadget packs such a huge punch in a micro package—We can’t think of a reason not to have it with us wherever we go. The Sensate 2 is lightyears ahead of other calming, relaxation apps you may have tried before. 

What the Senate brings to the table is a truly immersive experience when it comes closing your eyes and wallowing in the sounds that calm you. Working simultaneously alongside the Sensate app, you simply place the Sensate 2 on your chest, choose your sounds and experience from your smartphone, and then lay back and let the Sensate 2 pulsate on your body in wonderful synchronization to the sounds in your headphones. It really takes the classic “relaxation to the sounds of nature” experience to a whole new level.

You can choose between 10-, 20-, and 30-minute sessions for whatever length of a break from the real world you need, and the results are fantastic. We found ourselves more focused afterward, much calmer, and entirely less stressed. It’s a quick solution for your wellbeing when your days get tough—and even if they don’t, it’s a wonderful break from the little bits of your everyday that can build upon one another and create stress. The brand states that it improves heart rate variability, calms nerves, inhibits better sleep patterns, boosts resilience, and simply makes you feel better instantly. And after a few weeks of trying for ourselves, we’d have to agree that all of those claims are spot on.

This is a small thing that can move mountains if you ever feel overwhelmed with your daily to-do’s. Your mind and body won’t regret a few minutes every day with the Sensate 2.

—Jon Perino, Senior Editor