The always-on-the-go:
The demands on your time are merciless and you need superpowers just to get through your day – SENSATE is like having a personal therapist to take the strain out of your day, after all – you’re only human.
The pleasure seeker:
Human beings have evolved to be made happy by one thing and one thing only – pleasant physical sensations in their bodies, SENSATE is hardwired to find certain sound frequencies intrinsically that are pleasurable.
The anxiety sufferer:
Daily anxiety can often feel overwhelming and affect your quality of life, making simple tasks seem impossible – SENSATE can help you control these feelings when the panic sets in, and help you become resilient to stress.
The wellbeing warrior:
The world needs more balance, and more people dedicated to making it a better place, but change starts from within – SENSATE can help you to be the best possible version of yourself.
The health challenged:
The corrosive effects of stress are directly linked to a number of preventable diseases – managing stress levels can increase life expectancy by up to ten years, and you will be happier, more creative and fulfilled along the way.