Your key to calm.

Recover your rhythm with sonic resonance therapy.

Your key to calm.

Recover your rhythm with sonic resonance therapy.

An Innovation in Stress Management

Developed by physicians and tested in clinic, Sensate uses infrasonic therapy to help your body's nervous system recover from daily stresses.

Our patented technology combines audible and tactile resonance to deliver immediate calm and build stress resilience over time.

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Tune out the noise. Tune in to you.

We're simply not ourselves when we are stressed or anxious. Our thoughts seem tangled and the chatter in our ‘monkey mind’ plays on repeat.

Sensate can help to change that, empowering individuals to take charge of their own wellbeing without needing to rely on extensive meditation training or invasive therapies to see results.

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Sensate: ten minutes is like a power nap – stimulating the vagus nerve is the new key to stress relief and good health.

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Sensate cured my fear of flying: the plane shakes and rattles… so I turn up the Sensate intensity on my phone…and immediately I start to relax again.

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Sensate stress-busting vagus nerve gadgetry could be a game changer.

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Sensate will be the biggest stress buster.

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Try Sensate for 40 days. Love it or your money back.

The Sensate System

Age-old wisdom meets state-of-the-art technology, for a safe and soothing way to tap into the body's real command center, the central nervous system. 

The Sensate device

A smart touch therapy device, Sensate emits precisely engineered sound waves directly into the body, sending a powerful, stress-alleviating signal directly to your autonomic nervous system.

The Sensate app

Pair the device with our meticulously composed soundscapes via headphones and feel the benefit from the very first use.

Vibrotactile delivery

It's why cats purr. They have a built in ability to self soothe after stressful events. Sensate uses bone conduction through the chest cavity to gently downregulate stress responses using sound.

The Science of Sensate

Sensate your way

Sensate fits with your lifestyle and needs, to build a better you.


Powerfully start your day with focus and purpose


As a quick recharge, or when feeling anxious

Night time

Part of your evening ritual for the best sleep and renewal

How to Sensate

Step One

Find a comfortable place to lie down or to lean back, where you won't be disturbed for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. Put your headphones on. 

Step Two

Open the app on your smartphone and power on your Sensate, allowing them to pair themselves while you choose your session. 

Step Three

Place the Sensate on your chest, adjust the volume and intensity, and close your eyes as the sound frequencies relax your body.