What people are saying:

"I tried it the other night, and having tried it myself, I loved it! It really works. 'Breathe' is my favourite section, it's so good."
- Davina McCall, Broadcaster, UK

“You put it on and you just go into an altered, super chill state. I really love it.” 
- Dave Asprey, Biohacker, US 

"I've just used the Sensate for the 1st time and had to quickly pop you an email to say, it is absolutely fantastic ! Remarkable ! . The bone conduction, sound technology effect goes right into the WOW category on its effect on relaxation. The Bioself team have created something very special here."
- Chris Walton MSc, Performance Psychologist, UK

And the results keep coming in...

“The sensate product is incredible. I’ve been using it twice a day for quite sometime and I love it. It’s made a difference for me.”
- Cecil S, UK

"Sensate had a profound effect in calming me. It was quite amazing. For someone who has long struggled to meditate, this is an extraordinary outcome!"
- Michelle M, US

“Wow after a few uses my chronic back pain has practically disappeared! I'm guessing it was caused by anxiety or stress because no matter how much I massaged or stretched it wouldn't go away. Amazing product!”
- Edwin L, China 

"This new Sensate is very powerful - it makes me feel calmer immediately I use it - and I’m sure the benefits will be cumulative as well. I received loads of support from the team with a connectivity issue, which is now resolved, they really care about their product. Wonderful!" 
- Liz H, UK

“I have noticed that my tolerance for stress throughout the day is already improving. I feel more grounded and more calm. I generally use it just before bed. I have noticed according to the data from my sleep tracking app connected to my Apple Watch that I’m having more deep sleep at night on the nights I use my Sensate too. I think this is why I feel more rested and so much less fatigued.”
- Natalie F, US

"It arrived yesterday. Beautifully packaged and easy to use, I’ve already tried it three times. I didn’t expect it, but noticed a difference straight away. So well worth the wait! And looking forward to using it more with the different tracks." 
- Colin B, UK

"When I tried Sensate for the first time. I was in tears because I've never felt anything like it."
Ruut S, Finland 

"I have received my Sensate and 2 days into using it Noticing some very interesting and beneficial effects already, it was worth the wait!"
- Sarah H, UK

"I received mine 3 days ago and absolutely love this biohack. I am telling everyone I know about it! It truly does what you advertise! So excited to continue utilising this on daily basis.'
- Debi T, US

“Well worth the wait. This device is awesome! I already feel more centered after using it for only 2 days and I really believe it helps lessen my shoulder pain that is stress related. So thank you Sensate!"
- Evelyne S, France

"I received my sensate today and wow! One session and I am hooked. I've never felt anything quite like the kind of radiating calm that I experienced, I almost laughed with joy. I'm so excited that it will keep getting better as I tone my vagal nerve. Brilliant work, thanks so much."  
- Jessica A, Australia

“Sensate sent me to sleep halfway through the session. My daughter has been using it since Monday as well and she loves it. Oh! and the music is great!”
- Claudia H, UK 

“The sensate product is incredible.I’ve been using it twice a day for quite sometime and I love it. It’s made a difference for me.”
- Cecil S, UK

"The experience of using Sensate has been better than I had even hoped for. Have not slept as well for very many years and feel relaxed during the day."
- Jón E, UK

"The Sensate has arrived and I'm really happy to have my pebble back, or rather the upgraded version - you've done a beautiful job!"
Dani W, Germany

“Received my Sensate in Australia and have used it every day. I have just ordered another three so my brothers and mum can benefit from the soothing effects. With PTSD, severe anxiety and major depression across different family members, I am hopeful they will respond to the Sensate the way I have. I love it. It is a lot of money but I am looking forward to the same customer care and product that I have experienced in my original purchase.”
- Emma W, Australia