"I've just used the Sensate for the 1st time and had to quickly pop you an email to say, it is absolutely fantastic ! Remarkable ! . The bone conduction, sound technology effect goes right into the WOW category on its effect on relaxation. The Bioself team have created something very special here." Chris Walton MSc, Performance Psychologist"

"Amazingly I felt calmer from day 1. Since then, my sleep has improved greatly as I can now usually get back to sleep when I wake in the night (which is most nights) instead of lying awake for hours stressing. I have now lost the longstanding and perpetual undercurrent of anxiety and Instead I feel pretty chilled most of the time. These are life enhancing changes - as I tell all my friends." Cecily Cameron, Oxford

“Already becoming something I look forward to doing… “ 

"I am severely disabled with ME/CFS and for many years have been looking for a suitable non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation system as there are studies linking the role of the Vagus Nerve with the notion that ME/CFS represents a ‘system under stress’. I have been enjoying using Sensate multiple times daily and at times experience profoundly relaxation; for me this deep relaxation somewhat similar to doing a yoga nidra however with Sensate the benefit to me is there is less effort required than doing a yoga nidra as it is so passive." Karen Guildford, Australia

“It’s quite staggering actually how much better I feel after a single session. 70-80% improved on my symptoms, and more mental energy as well!”

““The first time I used Sensate I was asleep before I knew it, which is a big deal for me!” 

“Sensate is brilliant. I feel a tangible difference"

"So far, the Avian track, on each of the 3 times I’ve used it, resulted in HRV readings of 150, 164, and 183. That is compared to my normal 15-35. Stunning." 

“The session was GREAT by the end I was ready to fall asleep! "

"I've sent you two charts. The first shows my Apple Watch HRV, day-by-day for March (ave 77 ms*). The second is for February, including the last few days when I first received and started using my Sensate (ave 31 ms). I am certain that you’ll agree … the difference is quite impressive. Likewise the trend seems clear." * a higher number indicates an improved HRV

“Already I don’t want to be without it!”

"Its fantastic. I found it really relaxing and I’m sure I will become addicted to it.”

“Using my Garmin chest strap, I have measured my heart rate reduce from my usual 80 BPM to as low as 58 BPM after using Sensate. The biggest change was 123 down to 62!” 

“Although things felt nice afterwards, I really noticed a huge shift when I was walking home that then stayed with me for most of the day.” 

“Wow, what can I say, I think I’ll start with, I’ve invited a stream of friends and family pop over and sample the benefits of your Sensate.  The results speak for themselves, “Where did you get THIS?”, “How much is it?”, “How do I get one?”, “Can I come back tomorrow?”, “I’ve never been in such a deep state of meditation so quickly”, to name just a few.”

“It’s beautifully packaged and presented by the way.  Yesterday had a full session and really enjoyed it… The world needs Sensate!”

“Wow! Yours must me the best customer service I have ever experienced.” 

“I already love my Sensate! I noticed that I am already sleeping better since I started using it.”

“Finally arrived this week and boy this is some amazing gadget. Stefan Chmelik and his team have really gone all out with this. A combo of vibrating pebble that stimulates vagal tone and music to change brain wave patterns. Meditation is a breeze and so much deeper than before. Love it! ❤” 

“Received my sensate device last week, and I must say that I am impressed with it. I have been following a practice of autogenic meditation over the last 6 months with daily practice, which I have found to be helpful. The sensate device mirrored this pretty closely, and the good vibes were there from the start.”

“Well it was certainly worth the wait! My first session, using the ‘Forest’ track, I was completely gone and only ‘came to’ when the ten minutes were up and it all stopped....” 

“Oh it's amazing. I'm so excited about it.”

“I was feeling quite unwell, apprehensive and stressed beforehand. The Sensate made me feel instantly relaxed, especially with the calming music, the aroma of the oils of the seeded pillow and the gentle vibration from the Sensate itself. I now feel re-energised and much better in myself. Session one done, I cannot wait until session two. A big thank you!” 

“Loving what see so far- easier sleep eg my son usually takes over an hour to quieten mind and sleep and this is immediate once programme finishes. Thanks so much.”

“I just tried Sensate today and it was amazing! A wonderful sensation”.

“I’m loving my Sensate!! I One session never feels enough as I love the feeling so much.”

“The Sensate has arrived and my husband has tried it out and thinks it is wonderful! If I wanted to order another one for someone else, what would the delivery time be?”

"The sensate is working well and the upload went without any issues. Jo my wife and I both love it and appreciate the gift it brings.”

“I’m really enjoying using my Sensate. Congrats on a fantastic product, I’m excited to be a part of the journey!

“I am a Child Psychotherapist and bought the Sensate for a 17 year old girl with whom I’ve been working for two years. She witnessed a lot of domestic violence as a young child and experiences significant stress and underlying anxiety. She is naturally sceptical and suspicious and so has a predisposition that “things” won’t work but she has tried the sensate and is “amazed” that it has been able to calm her and help her fall asleep (which was a major obstacle for her). Many thanks and especially for producing something which, it seems, has the potential for increasing vagal tone.”

"LOVE THE PEBBLE…..using it pretty much every day….it’s a one way ticket to mellowness!"

“I used my Sensate yesterday on the airplane back from Ireland when experiencing turbulence (I am a very anxious flyer) and it had a fantastic effect. I went from anxious to calm after 10 minutes.”

"I’m absolutely loving my Sensate.....thank you! Can I get another one?"

“My Fitbit monitor read that my deep sleep portion was much longer than usual. Reading last 2 nights deep sleep analysis on the sensate has been nearly 2 hrs each night in the deep ....My average deep is around and hour in the past.”

“My mother-in-law recently died and my 12-year old niece, who has long been struggled with anxiety, has been particularly affected by the death of her grandmother. When I was at the funeral she tried my Sensate and found it very comforting, so I will buy her one now. I continue to use my Sensate every day and continue to be amazed by the positive effect.” Michelle McIntyre

“Sensate pebble helps me to relax so much that I fall asleep easily now. I was telling a friend who is having a tough time, and she’s keen to get one too.”

Sheila Sheppard, Cheshire, Nutritionist