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A world-first device: SENSATE tracks and decelerates stress in real-time. Clipped to your clothing and worn comfortably on the chest, SENSATE combines tactile sub-audible tones with sensational music through headphones. Pleasurable sensations are felt rather than heard, resulting in profound relaxation, but without the effort and in a fraction of the time needed for traditional meditation techniques. Time you can then spend getting on with your busy daily life.



Nerve and brain stimulation

Nerve and brain stimulation

As a pioneering product, SENSATE is the first device to integrate two proven medical solutions into one consumer product: Vagus Nerve Stimulation to stimulate the nervous system using sound; audio-based Brainwave Synchronisation to guide brain activity – both techniques support stress reduction.

The ultimate wearable

The ultimate wearable

SENSATE is held in place by a comfortable chest strap which you can wear all day; the device, smartphone headphones and the SENSATE app measure and respond to stress markers including heart rate, respiration, posture, temperature and mood.

Personalised app

Personalised app

The biometric data gathered by SENSATE is communicated to your smartphone and is analysed in real-time. SENSATE then tailors the low frequency sound waves it emits through your chest to respond to your immediate stress-relief needs.

Check out SENSATE’s features:

Wrap-around SENSATE and get on with daily life – leave the rest to your smart new friend.
Experience all of the heightened benefits of calming meditation without the years of practice.
SENSATE is constantly analysing your body’s signals and continuously adapts to your needs in real-time.
More than just high-tech nagging, SENSATE monitors and responds to your biometric data including heart rate, respiration, posture, temperature, and mood.
This novel technology approach has been developed and used in a Harley Street clinic over the last three years with highly successful results.
Use the SENSATE app to keep up-to-date with the latest features and upgrades so that you can track your improvements.


The always-on-the-go:
The demands on your time are merciless and you need superpowers just to get through your day – SENSATE is like having a personal therapist to take the strain out of your day, after all – you’re only human.
The pleasure seeker:
Human beings have evolved to be made happy by one thing and one thing only – pleasant physical sensations in their bodies, SENSATE is hardwired to find certain sound frequencies intrinsically that are pleasurable.
The anxiety sufferer:
Daily anxiety can often feel overwhelming and affect your quality of life, making simple tasks seem impossible – SENSATE can help you control these feelings when the panic sets in, and help you become resilient to stress.
The wellbeing warrior:
The world needs more balance, and more people dedicated to making it a better place, but change starts from within – SENSATE can help you to be the best possible version of yourself.
The health challenged:
The corrosive effects of stress are directly linked to a number of preventable diseases – managing stress levels can increase life expectancy by up to ten years, and you will be happier, more creative and fulfilled along the way.

How SENSATE fits into your life

From the moment you wake up in the morning, to the time you go to sleep at night, SENSATE is available to you throughout the day to manage your stress and help you be the best version of yourself.

SENSATE will prepare you for anything the day throws at you – as a meditative aid first thing in the morning, or to facilitate a calm commute to work; use it to take some ‘you-time’ over lunch to reset and rejuvenate, or to prepare yourself before that big presentation. SENSATE is there to help you wind down on your way home from work, or at the end of a long day.

A personal stress coach, a pocket therapist, and a meditation master all rolled into one – SENSATE is there to help you get through the day and assist in developing a better you.


What comes in the box?

You get a SENSATE Beta 1.0, a charging lead, a content lead, earbud headphones, a cheat sheet, a magnetic clasp. Your SENSATE will come nestled on a beanbag, which doubles as an eye mask or to simply place on top of the device when in use instead of the magnetic clip.

Is the device Bluetooth compatible?

No. This generation of the device is wired only, but the connection is very simple and the device just plays directly into any compatible phone.

What phones are supported?

Any iPhone above iOS 5 and any Android above version 5.

Can I play my own music through SENSATE?

No. It is not possible to do this. SENSATE is designed to work in a completely different way to normal audio devices and will only work with content from our library.

When will a Wireless version be available and how do I get one?

We are working on it right now. Seriously, it’s coming. The great thing is that if you finish the Beta programme with us and help us make the production device completely amazing, we will give you one for FREE!

What features are you planning to offer later on?

Great question! We have a host of truly exciting features that are being researched by our R&D team, including: • Sleep Mode • Activity tracking – better than a Fitbit • Alerts – text/message/call/alarm/timer • Navigation mode • Deep Health Data Analytics • SWB app data • Modular – small widget + large device

What other products are BioSelf Technology working on?

That’s top secret! But we can mention that some very smart and modular devices and services are in the pipeline…

When will I receive my SENSATE?

Approx. 2 month’s time for Apple and 1 month’s time for Android.

Can I buy from outside the UK?

Sadly not during the Beta programme. But afterwards, absolutely! Fill in the contact form and we’ll let you know.

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