Biohacker Heaven at the Health Optimisation Summit

Biohacker Heaven at the Health Optimisation Summit

Team Sensate had a brilliant time at our HOS debut


Health Optimisation Summit on blue background


Tim Gray, Pete Bauman and the HOS team put together a fascinating cohort of exhibitors and speakers for their inaugural expo, and created an event chemistry that was instantly immersive.


Vagal nerve toning and deep calm = public napping

We were so pleased to have the opportunity to give attendees taster sessions in the VIP room, so they could try a non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation experience for themselves.

Once we created our little oasis of comfy cushions, we didn't have much time to see Dave Asprey, Michelle & Keith Norris or John Gray! But there is nothing quite as rewarding as watching people experience instant deep sleep, blissed-out calm, emotional moments or (at least once) even some happy laughter.


(And....they're off out!) (Photo shared with permission)


Wonderful world of biohacking and a surprise podcast

There were, notably, a lot of hugs. Above all, the biohacker community radiated a collective energy of positivity, curiosity, gratitude and generosity.

That generosity instantly manifested in several speedy introductions on our arrival, courtesy of founder and CEO Tim Gray – one of which resulted in a spontaneous podcast with Tony Wrighton for 'Zestology'. (Sensate interview at about 14.30 minutes

So will the Sensate team be attending next year? Absolutely. Be well until then, everybody.



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