Join us in changing 100m lives by 2025

As stress and overwhelming circumstances corrode the mental and physical health of the people around us, we believe that people with the practitioner skill set have a vital role to play in supporting others.

About Sensate

Woman with headphones on looking calmn

Infrasonic Resonance

  • 3 decades of clinical experience
  • Developed for US Army soldiers with PTSD
  • A small device that can be used in a clinic or by people anywhere, daily

Relieve your Stress

Our product uses a non-invasive and drug free way to help relieve stress.

Technology for Better Health

Sensate technology significantly uplifts clients. The perfect tooI to achieve the vision of helping the greatest possible number of people.

We are inviting people who work with others to be part of this movement. Based on our own direct experience, we believe your clients will be more engaged and feel better quicker, leading to:

Increased client retention and loyalty

Improved outcomes

Longer client and patient relationships, and more sessions.

Greater trust leads to more friend and family referrals.

Your clients get a 10% discount, and you receive a 10% commission.

Join with 3 easy steps:


Click on THIS link to sign up for the Sensate Affiliate Program.


Within seven days, we will review and approve your application.


Once approved, we'll provide you with a unique discount code, marketing materials, and a partner liaison to help support your promotional efforts.

Join our program today and start sharing the benefits of Sensate with your community.

Brand Support

As an affiliate, you willl have access to a library of materials we will provide, to help you promote Sensate.

  • Photos and image files
  • Videos
  • Social media content
  • Blog articles, White Papers and published pilot studies
  • Product education materials
  • Consumer insights to elevate your strategy

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Join us today, and you’ll be on the leading edge of a lifestyle revolution like none other.

Join us today, and you’ll be on the leading edge of a lifestyle revolution like none other.


What is the Sensate affiliate program?

Our Affiliate Program offers you a personalized discount for your clients, customers, or friends and family to use on our website that will give them 10% off a device. Additionally, you will receive a 10% commission on any products bought with your discount code.

How do I become an affiliate?

You can email our partner liaison here with some information about yourself: Or, sign up directly via this link:

How do I track my sales and commissions as an affiliate?

You can login to your affiliate profile via this link: and view your commission and referrals under the ‘dashboard’ and ‘commission’ tabs.

How do I get paid as an affiliate?

As an affiliate you will be paid preferentially by bank transfer if you have a UK bank account, or PayPal for any other region.

When do I get paid as an affiliate?

As an affiliate, you will be paid around the 15th of every month, taking into consideration weekends and bank holidays.

Where do I input my payment details?

You can Login to your affiliate profile here: and input your payment details under the ‘settings > payment’ tab.

What payment details should I input?

If you are a UK bank account holder, please input this information into your affiliate profile. However, if you are not from the UK and do not hold a UK bank account, please input your PayPal information.

Can I be paid in Sensate devices?

Yes, when you log into your affiliate profile you can select the ‘store credit’ payment option under ‘Settings > Payment’, which will allow you to receive commission payments as coupons that you can use in our store to buy Sensate products.

How do I login to my affiliate profile?

You can login to your affiliate profile here: the email address you signed up with, and password.