Being Resolute in 2024

Being Resolute in 2024

Posted on Jan 16, 2024


How to use the two new Soundscapes to make 2024 a great year...

Stefan Chmelik is co-founder of and inventor of the Sensate stress reduction system, which is based on his over three decades of clinical experience working with anxiety, stress and trauma. His mission is now the company's mission - to positively impact the lives of 100 million people by 2025.

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Most resolutions fail - how to make yours resilient for next year

Stefan will run you through a practical process that you can apply to the things you want to change in your life to make them actually happen, including a meditation exercise to help you work with the process.

Over the new year period, we released two special Soundscapes, one to coincide with each of the different change of seasons in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres - Northern Winter Sky and Southern Summer Sea (click for Soundscape descriptions - you can read and reflect on the descriptions of each Soundscape to gain a deeper understanding of how each will sit for you {see below]).

The weather conditions may vary, but most people use the start of a new yearly cycle to let go of old habits and install new ones. But the difficult truth is that nearly all resolutions will fail. We can guarantee you success, but if you follow the process outlined here for these soundscapes, then you are certainly more likely to succeed in your good intentions.


How to identify your True Motivator to power up behaviour change:

You can’t use the mind to control the mind, as Stanford Neurologist Andrew Huberman reminds us, but the good news is that, if you can train yourself to trust your own feelings, then you will always be right.


If you have a method for checking-in with your true feelings, and then being brave enough to always follow your nose, to only do things that are genuinely aligned with these feelings, then you will be working with what I call True Motivators. I also describe how you can use the new Sensate Signature Soundscapes or your personal favourite to empower the True Motivator you identify.


Video with explanation and meditation exercise:


This is the exercise you can do to discover your True Motivators and for these to become the drivers of action and purpose in your life.


For your True Motivators to

be genuine, they should:

  1. Give you a sense of purpose and meaning when you think of them;
  2. Feel that they give value to others (not just yourself)

3.Be of a clear benefit to people or planet looking forward;

4.They should support your sense of being a ‘good ancestor’ (help you feel that your legacy will be a worthy one.)


This may be simple, but that doesn’t make it easy, but it will be valuable and worthwhile. The hardest part

will be trusting yourself that the motivators you have identified are genuine and that they feed a true sense of meaning and purpose in your life.


There is a straightforward three-step process for undertaking this procedure:

  1. Establish what the true motivator is;
  2. keep refining it;
  3. ingrain this into your bodymind consciousness through daily reinforcement and entrainment.


Stage one is to establish what  the true motivator is, and then we can refine it.

So let’s now focus on how we work that out.


Here is an exercise that will allow your True Motivator to float up, where you can pick it up and

refine and reinforce (video version HERE with visualisation exercise at 8:00).


So, I now invite you to take a few moments to pause, and during which you will allow your true motivation to rise above your more immediate concerns and worries; and what will remain is a real sense of what will give your life meaning and purpose.


True Motivator visualisation

I invite you to close your eyes; it is in your minds-eye that your motivator will appear and manifest. With your eyes closed, you can allow your body to relax and your breathing to slow down.


As everything slows, you can start to see yourself in a natural and wonderful place – this might be a grove

of trees, a sandy beach, a meadow full of wildflowers. A place where you can feel safe, content and relaxed.


As everything slows, you become attuned to your surroundings, and you feel the air on your skin, the natural sounds all around, and you relax more deeply. At around this point, you notice

that there is some writing near you; perhaps on a leaf, or on some paper in a bottle that has washed up next to you.

You notice there is writing here, and although you can clearly see the writing, you can’t quite read what

it says just yet, but you do know, without any doubt, that this writing contains the truth you need to hear.


Tonight, when you go to bed, place a journal, just pen and paper really, next to your bed, and take the

writing you found in this exercise with you. Visualise yourself very clearly placing it under your pillow. Form the intention as clearly as you can in your consciousness that you will learn and understand what the message is here for you during your sleep.


In the morning, when you wake, before you do anything else, before you look at the time or speak or open your eyes fully, pause and notice that you have woken. Then keep your eyes closed and roll back time and see what you can bring of your sleep or dream world experience to that moment. Then quickly jot down any thoughts or feelings you have in your journal. These thoughts don’t have to make sense right now, and it may be that you need to repeat this exercise over several nights before you can

clearly visualise the meaning of the words on the text that came to you, and which you know to be under your pillow.


As the meaning clarifies, write down the words or phrases that emerge in your journal. Remember the simple three-step process:

  1. Establish what the true motivator is;
  2. keep refining it;
  3. ingrain this into your bodymind consciousness through daily reinforcement and entrainment.


Through the process of writing down your subconscious thoughts and then refining them into a three word or one sentence phrase, you are establishing your True Motivator, and you can continue to refine this as much as you like. Now you just need to embody and own it.


You do this through the third stage, ingraining this into your bodymind consciousness through daily

reinforcement and entrainment.


This means reading your True Motivator to yourself, both aloud and in your mind. This can be like a mantra, where you repeat in harmony with your breathing, to create a sense of genuine

embodiment of the motivator.


A powerful way to do this is to associate a specific Sensate track with your True Motivator, and to make

a commitment to sitting with this track everyday whilst keeping your motivator at the front of your mind as much as possible during the session.


I can suggest tracks that work well for this, mostly 10 minutes:

In the Nature theme, Avian is wonderful, or Dusk as one of the Plus Soundscapes.

In Space & Time, our classic Be Sensate theme track is a powerful positive reinforcer, and I love

Epiphany as a 20 minute track.

In the Sacred Spaces theme, Temple accesses ancient sounds that work on the human nervous system,

and the two new Soundscapes, Northern Winter Sky and Southern Summer Sea are

highly effective.

Finally, in Breathe, H2OHM is available to all or Sunrise if you prefer to do your session in the morning. I also find Otto 1953 to be an exceptionally transformative support when I am focusing on a particular outcome.


Please keep at it. It may be simple or less so, but the message of your True Motivator will reveal itself to you if you look carefully.


Soundscape descriptions:

Northern Winter Sky - Wintervale Theme:

‘In silence is the seed of wisdom gained’


Honouring the deepening stillness, silence and dark as Winter descends, words from the land and water whispered in a sibilant ancient tongue that could be said to have ASMR qualities in today's language. In the North, Winter is a time of rest and recuperation, of a return to our origins to be reborn, revived and refreshed in the Spring.


This special Soundscape is woven from harmonic threads of Earth, Water and Sky… envisaged as an ancient mystical land where elementals roam the Winter expanse.


During the winter solstice (Dec 22nd this year in the northern hemisphere), the earth’s axis is tilted at its furthest point from the Sun. This means that the sun is at its lowest point in the sky and it will be the shortest day of the year and longest night, as the Sun stands still (solstice) for 3 days.


There are remnants of a Wēland-Shelley verse, received as a transmission:

Like moonbeams that behind some piny mountain shower,
My love for the ocean.

It visits with inconstant glance

The mountains, above life, is where my heart resides.
Each human heart and countenance;
A valiant heart and the power of the mind.

Like hues and harmonies of evening,
This garden you created, this forest you gave life to, is, and always will be, my home.

Like clouds in starlight widely spread,
Oh wise owl, show me the way home, on this shimmering night.

Like memory of music fled,
My love, you are a memory, and I wish you back to me, to re-light my dreams.

Like aught that for its grace may be
Oh ancient ones, please guide us through the dark.

Dear, and yet dearer for its mystery.

In the valley where we first met, I will wait for you.




Southern Summer Sea - Southern Hemisphere Theme:

At this time of year in the Southern Hemisphere, the Sun is at its highest point in the sky and so therefore the day is at its longest and the night is short.

The songlines run deep here, deeper and more ancient still in the lands of the Ancestors, less touched by commerce and literalism.


From time before written history, we have honoured the annual phases of the Sun, with ceremony and monument to Equinox and Solstice.


In this Soundscape, the Ancestor voices the tones, orates the song of songs, and recites the primordial sounds that brought the universe into being.


This Soundscape embodies the visceral sensation experienced when we bathe in the Sun’s full light spectrum, the light of nourishment, which is most powerful when the Sun is at its height, with the potential for new beginnings within this cycle of the wheel of the year.


Translated, where it is possible to do so, from the Weechol-Vesharika chronicles:

The Earth opens and I descend,

Turning and twisting slowly and weightless,

Through aquas Ether, thick as Midnight, light as Twilight,

Deeper and darker, and illumined from within, I descend,

To land in a Twilight forest, a world and a step away,

It is still, yet teeming, dormant yet alive, filled with black light and midnight shadow,

Living moss envelopes these ancient primordial woods,

Stillness beckons and I am invited to sit a while.

He arrives soon enough, taking visible form and was always there, Dark Bird.

Always patiently waiting, knowing as only the Ancients can know that one day he will be seen.

I am shielded from harm, and I know all will be well.