whales communicate through vibration - jumping whale out of the water

The Secret Whales and Elephants Have Always Known and How It Can Help You Beat Stress

Posted on Mar 29, 2021

Start with a hum. A low murmur from deep in your chest. Close your eyes just for a moment and feel that deep vibration. A serene, comforting humming felt throughout your body. Hang on to that lingering sensation for as long as you can. 

You see, before you had formed eyes or ears it was vibration you would have felt. It was vibration that became your first sense. You used this sense to define your outside world. You used vibration to determine whether you should eat it, mate with it or flee from it. 

Before the rest of your central nervous system was developed. Even then, you were able to sense and experience the world around you through low frequency sound waves. That’s all vibration is and it’s a sensation that’s hardwired into every cell of your being. 

Babies develop and grow in a world of vibration. Most external sensory input arrives through bone conduction. The vibrations traveling through fluid and connective tissue (fascia) inside the body. 

Sound travels incredibly fast through water. With the majority of your body (including fascia) made from water, it’s not too surprising that vibration and sound can zip through it at high speed. In fact the speed of sound traveling through the fluid in your body is even quicker than your nerve signal speed. Even quicker than the signal your brain receives when you cut your finger or touch something hot. 

Water and fascia are natural anatomical conduits that are already in place and create whole-body ripples from a vibratory stimulus (think of dropping a pebble into a pond) – no wires needed. 

This infrasonic heritage is still seen in the animal kingdom, where some animals conduct much of their communication at an infrasound vibration level. Elephants, one of the world's top two hearers (the other are moths, who knew!), partly hear through their feet and can communicate over miles this way. Whales are famous for their low frequency song, which travels great distances through water. 

The use of vibration in the body has found its way into many innovative inventions. But it’s more than just a nice sensation. It has practical applications for those suffering from the symptoms of stress too. Used regularly, devices that send a deep vibration throughout the body can help stimulate and tone a part of the body called the vagus nerve. This nerve is key to relaxing and soothing the body and when toned can help you feel calmer and more in control. 

So you see vibration is perhaps your single most important constant sensory feedback, without which the world would be a very alien place. Find out more about how vibration can release your inner purr and relax your world.


Stefan Chmelik