The Sensate Sensory Experience

Who doesn't love a good cat video to feel better? YouTube will tell us that quite a lot of us do, but we'll go a step farther and suggest there is a way for you to experience your own personal purr.

How it works

Sensate is placed on the chest bone (sternum). When powered on, it produces sub-audible, engineered tones that are felt rather than heard; providing a pleasant sensation designed to stimulate the all-important vagus nerve, which originates in the brainstem and extends to the heart, lungs, gut, and through to the entire nervous system. 

Vagus and Vibrations

Sensate is engineered to create a sophisticated and complex full-frequency experience synchronised and orchestrated across the audible and subaudible spectrum that is perceived both via physical sensation throughout the body and auditorily via engineered soundscapes. Sensate’s Infrasonic Resonance Technology reproduces natural sounds below the typical hearing threshold that are experienced via bone conduction on the sternum and perceived as whole body sensations. Using the chest’s thoracic cavity as an acoustic chamber to create internal, subaudible vibrations that utilize the body’s internal hardware and produce an overall calming effect.

With the addition of four specific trade secret elements coded into the audio, Sensate engages the auditory sense of active hearing producing a profound effect on neural processing.

You're Part of the Music

The ability of frequency to activate body tissues has already been well established, and applied often with medical technologies and procedures such as ultrasound. Infrasound, at the other end of the frequency spectrum, can also be manipulated to produce physical and neurological effects, and this is the basis for the unique Sensate mechanism. In studies, it has been demonstrated that infrasound affects organs and systems that are functionally linked to the vagus nerve (3), and infrasound exposure influences the endocrine system and autonomic nervous system(4).

Sensate’s infrasonic vibrations are produced at frequencies between 0.001 Hz and 150 Hz. The Sensate soundscape experience can range up to 20,000 Hz. By engineering Sensate to maximize the potential therapeutic impacts of both subaudible and audible frequencies, Sensate creates a unique, tactile, whole body experience.

What We Know

Vibrations between 20-140 Hz fall within a therapeutic range that supports pain relief, inflammation reduction, healing, musculoskeletal repair, bone density, and joint mobility. Stimulation within this range has proven effective in humans and animal studies. Exposure to frequencies between 20-50 Hz has been shown to increase bone density. It has also been documented that exposure to low frequency stimulation supports pain relief and musculoskeletal recovery. 

Your Own Personal Purr

Without having used a Sensate, it can be hard to imagine the sensation! Luckily, nature has provided substantial reference points to support our case. The purring behaviors of cats and feline animals have been studied extensively, and findings broadly substantiate the benefits of internal, infrasonic, vibrational waves associated with purring. Think of it this way – cats have a built-in Sensate. The purring behavior serves multiple purposes, but a prolonged purr indicates satisfaction, healing, relaxation, and wellbeing

So, without a built-in Sensate mechanism, humans can experience this sensation by powering on their Sensate, placing the device on their chest, and reaping the widespread benefits of infrasonic vibroacoustic stimulation. 

Is it Love or is it Sensate? 

The vagus nerve is also the originator of the “butterflies” in the stomach effect that emotions involved in love and excitement have been known to produce. Because of this, the sensory experiences of Sensate vary on a case-by-case basis. People who begin a Sensate session under a great deal of stress may notice a reduction in stress or anxiety. Individuals who begin their Sensate session in a state of relaxation may experience feelings of wellbeing and euphoria, akin to the “butterflies” of excitement or love.

The vagus nerve is also involved in the profound calm embodied by lifelong practitioners of meditation and breathwork. The act of repeating the sound ‘OM’ produces a neuro-hemodynamic effect that stimulates the vagus nerve via internal vibrations. The magic of Sensate is that these benefits can be experienced without dedication to a lifelong meditation practice or a perfected chanting of ‘OM’, or in times when we are too stressed out to focus – no matter how long we've been practicing.

Keep breathing, keep tuning in, and get in touch with any questions. We'd love to hear from you.

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