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We currently accept orders from the UK, Europe, North America, Australia, and last (but not least!) New Zealand.

Sensate device, lanyard, carry pouch, eye mask, user guide and charge cable. The Sensate app is free to download and use. (App Store or Google Play)

We are currently experiencing high levels of demand and will ship your Sensate as soon as possible. Regional and international shipping may vary depending on the carrier, but you will be provided with tracking details in order to monitor the process of your shipment.

We have a no-quibble 40 day return period from when you receive your Sensate and you can return Sensate for any reason within those 40 days, so long as you have not damaged it. (But few people return them!) There is also a 12 month warranty for technical faults, so if there is anything wrong with your Sensate, please email us in order to troubleshoot your issue and if your Sensate is faulty we will exchange it for a fresh one.

Currently, we do not offer a payment plan to support people in buying a Sensate device. We are working to create a payment plan option, however, and this will be available on the website when active.

This is a legal requirement by the State of California. Although we are currently exempt from this requirement, we have chosen to comply in any case, and show our support for consumer choice.

Get the most out of your Sensate

Recline and place Sensate on the centre line of your chest bone about 3-4 fingers below the top of the bone (you can feel the notch at the base of your throat where the chest bone starts). Sensate can be used between the breasts and as low as the lower part of the chest bone, depending on your shape. Feel free to experiment with slightly different positions and see what feels best for you.

The series of illustrations and descriptions in the User Guide show the region Sensate can be used on. It is a region rather than an exact spot as the device only needs to be placed flat on the midline of the chest bone for the bone conduction to work. The Sensate is meant to be positioned near to your sternum. You can move your device up or down a few centimetres or so depending on your shape and where it feels good.

You can use Sensate on top of or between clothes, directly on the skin or inside the neoprene pouch.

We suggest a minimum of 10 minutes a day, but many people do several sessions daily. A Sensate session is a great way to start your day or can be done during a work break, and many people use Sensate before bed to help them achieve the best quality deep sleep.

Sometimes it’s fine to play the soundtracks through your phone or via a speaker whilst wearing Sensate. But a lot of the ‘secret sauce’ in the music only works with headphones on, so you should use headphones for the strongest impact. Some people use a pillow speaker when listening to the tracks in bed.

This is a breath pacing trainer. The ideal breath rate when meditating is 6 breaths per minute, or one full breath in and out every ten seconds. The ideal ratio for this 10-second breath is 4 seconds breathing in gently and 6 seconds breathing out in a relaxed way. If you follow the contour icon whilst breathing you will create this pattern – breathe in through the nose as the icon enlarges and breathe out softly as the icon recedes.

Sensate emits near-infrasound vibrations which are impossible to reproduce with a phone. When positioned on the chest bone, these vibrations are transmitted via bone conduction into the chest cavity. The app alone can offer audio sessions, but these are intentionally designed to pair with the device’s technology to work optimally, and the impact without the Sensate hardware will be greatly reduced, by as much as 80%.

Currently the app will connect to the first Sensate that it finds, so if you are trying to use more than one Sensate at the same time in the same room, you may experience connection issues. We are working to support multiple Sensate devices. If you are in the same space with another Sensate user, please just one person at a time power on their Sensate and start their session, and then the next person a few seconds later. (We do this all the time when we are demonstrating devices so it is possible if you are patient!)

You can allow anyone to use your Sensate. Sensate will only work with a single app at a given time. If you have more than one Sensate device, you will need to turn off the second device to ensure your app connects to the Sensate in use.

"The vibrational resonance of the Sensate device is intentional and is not simply the lower/bass end of the track. We treat the infrasound as an entirely separate and independent instrument during the composition and within the overall orchestration. In other words, Sensate is not simply 'vibrating' based on a bass signal from the audio track. In the same way that, say, the string section within an orchestra may not follow the rhythm, the infrasound (below 30Hz) element has its own part, but is in no way random, with the resonance synched with the audio parts (above 30Hz).

This means that the tracks can be quite personal and different people will have different favourite tracks that work best for them. I suggest experimentation within the themes and to play with this until you find your favorite tracks for different times of day.

Sensate is designed to be a passive user experience to enable the primordial nervous system to self-regulate, but it can take time to allow ourselves to fully relax and experience Sensate without expectation or pre-judgement.

How to use and technical questions

No. Your Sensate comes pre-charged and will last around a week with daily use. You can re-charge when the light turns yellow/green.

The soundscape sessions on the App are all free of charge. Due to file size these must be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play, and you need an account to do this, but there is no charge.

To use your Sensate device, you must install the Sensate app on a compatible phone or tablet. The Sensate app is compatible with Mac iOS and most popular Android devices. We're adding more devices and we strive to improve compatibility, so if you don't see your device on the list, check with us. However, a good indication that your phone is compatible, is if you can download the Sensate app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Compatible devices:

iOS device minimum requirement is still 10.3

You can also download the app via these links, opened on your phone:



Yes! You can install the app on as many phones as you like, however Sensate can only connect to a single phone at a time, so make sure to fully exit the app when you finish your session and before starting a session on another phone or tablet.

Check that Bluetooth is switched on in iPhone by navigating to Settings > Bluetooth. Each Android device is different, so search for 'Bluetooth' in settings and check the Bluetooth enable setting is switched on.

Your Sensate should connect automatically when you turn it on if Bluetooth is enabled.

Please note – you should not attempt to pair Sensate with your device and you do not need to enter any code.

Make sure that Sensate and your iPhone are close together, within a meter is ideal. A solid blue light will appear when connected and it will say Connected in the app. If the light is not blue, recharge your Sensate.

If Sensate is still not connecting, turn Sensate off and on again, and quit and re-open the app.

If the Sensate device becomes disconnected as you've moved Sensate too far from the phone, once back in range, tap the 'Disconnected from Sensate' button on the home screen, to reconnect.

* To quit an app on an iPhone, double click the Home button and swipe the Sensate screen upwards. On an Android, tap the bottom left button and swipe up.

See also ‘Do I need to enable location services?’

Some Android devices ask for permission to use Bluetooth and/or 'Allow' location services so that Sensate can communicate with the app. The app is not tracking your location; this is just required to allow Bluetooth to connect. If you’ve accidentally declined Bluetooth/location usage, the easiest way to fix this is to delete the app and re-download it from the Google Play Store.

Please follow these steps: 

1) Start by deleting the Sensate app, then download and reinstall the app 

2) Please restart both your phone and your Sensate device

3) If you still have problems, please let us know in an email, the make and model of your phone and check what signal strength you are getting on the bottom right corner of the app when disconnecting 

4) You can also send a Feedback response from within the App (sprocket on top right corner), which will auto-include your phone or device details

First, pause and restart the current track. Then turn off the Sensate, and fully quit the app (not just close screen*) and restart. If that doesn’t work, restart the phone.

* To quit an App on an iPhone, double click the Home button and swipe the Sensate screen upwards

* or Close apps via the Recent Apps shortcut

1) From the Home screen, tap the Recent Apps shortcut

2) Find the app you want to close by swiping left or right

3) When you have located the correct app, simply swipe upward to close it

There are two kinds of Updates you can run, your App can be updated through the App Store/Google Play and your device can be updated through firmware (built-in software). Be sure to run any updates that are prompted or that you find in the app store. For App updates, go to the App Store / Google Play and see if you have an App update available. There is a device Update option in the cog in the top right corner of the App. Also click this and see if it says you are up to date. If you have any issues completing an update, quit the Sensate App and turn off your Sensate. Reopen the App, turn on your Sensate. When connected (this should be instant) you may be asked to update, which you should accept. Otherwise click the cog top right corner of the App and click Sensate Update. Wait until the progress bar is complete (this will take several minutes), keep your phone next to Sensate and don't close the App screen. If that doesn’t work, restart the phone and repeat this procedure.

If your device needs an update, it might start flashing yellow and green. To complete an update, follow these steps:

1) Fully charge the Sensate

2) Close the app and restart your phone

3) Switch bluetooth on and make sure that you are not in airplane mode.

4) Turn Sensate on, then open the app

5) Sensate should connect within a few seconds. Once connected, tap the Settings cog and ’Sensate Update’

6) The update will require Sensate to be on and the app to be in the foreground. It’s best if you leave the Sensate next to your phone during the update.

7) Start the update, this can take up to 20 minutes.

8) The flashing light means your Sensate is trying to finish a firmware update, but was unable to complete for some reason. (a firmware update is not the same as an App update). Uninstall the App and then install again. Restart your phone, start the Sensate App, turn your Sensate on. If you are prompted to update then accept, otherwise click the cog top right corner of the App and click Sensate Update. Wait until the progress bar is complete (this will take several minutes) and don't close the App screen.

How to use and technical questions continued...

If the Sensate light is on and pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds several times does not turn off your device, then your Sensate has frozen. Leave until the battery is fully discharged, re-charge until white USB charging light goes off and then restart. This should fix the problem.

At high Intensity some frequencies will create an audible hum and at full intensity there can be the occasional buzz. If you can hear this with headphones on then please contact us and provide details so we can assess if there is an issue.

If there is slack in the lanyard then the metal clips can rattle against each other, or the device will rattle if on top of a clothing button or similar, so check that as well.

If the Sensate light is flashing green and yellow, it is in update mode and will not switch off until the update is complete. If Sensate runs out of charge, you will need to fully charge it, before continuing the update. You will not be able to use Sensate until the update is complete.

No pin is required. You don’t need to pair Sensate with your phone, Bluetooth connection is automatic. You just need to ensure Bluetooth is on (no pairing), open the app and then start your Sensate. The phone and Sensate should then pair on their own. If you are having problems trying to connect, make sure that Sensate is switched on before opening the app and is located close to your phone.

The Bluetooth Low Energy radio receiver in your Sensate emits much less energy than your mobile phone. Sensate has been tested against the CE directive and conforms to safe standards. Bluetooth Low Energy uses a very small part of the spectrum at an extremely low energy to transmit its signals. It only transmits for a fraction of the time it is actually turned on (i.e. there is no constant signal) and your Sensate has been designed to keep EMF transmissions to a minimum. Sensate is not ‘streaming’ any data.

Absolutely. Some people also do this if they are concerned about Wi-Fi for whatever reason (see also ‘Is Bluetooth safe?’). Please also note the below regarding use of Airplane Mode:

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are automatically switched off when you turn on airplane mode. If you then switch them on, it’ll remember that setting the next time that you switch to airplane mode. Some more info here: Use Airplane Mode on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch

No, and by design. The infrasound vibrations from Sensate are very carefully orchestrated with the audible music you hear in the headphones. Our S.I.R.T. ™ (Sensate Infrasound Resonance Technology) unites your Sensate and the app in one harmonious soundscape that is not possible to reproduce by playing ‘regular’ tracks.

There will be many new sessions coming available over the months. We are working on all kinds of stuff that will be introduced with future updates - stay tuned!

Sensate requires a lot of power to produce its infrasonic vibrations! One full charge will provide around a week of daily sessions. The light will change from blue to yellow/green when it is time to re-charge.

The white USB charge light will turn off when the battery is fully charged, which takes between 2-4 hours. Sensate can be left on charge as needed, including overnight.

Auto turn-off kicks in after 2 minutes of inactivity.

After a period of continual use, your Sensate may feel warm, like a mobile phone after a long call. It should, however, not become hot. If this occurs you should stop using Sensate, leave the device switched off, do not connect to the charger, and contact us.

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