Everybody wants to change the world (and how you actually can)

Everybody wants to change the world (and how you actually can)

Posted on May 25, 2023

Everybody wants to change the world

So let’s support change in as many people as possible to make that happen.

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I like your ambition. 100 million people by 2025. Yep. That's what we need”

This is what a highly valued advisor said to me recently. I liked that. I’m a practitioner, a clinician at heart. I fundamentally believe that practitioners are motivated mostly by one thing – to help clients and patients suffer less in the shortest time possible. I don’t mean like a painkiller, although that certainly has its place, but to create the possibility of lasting change for the people we work with, so they can live the lives they were meant to and be part of a better, more connected world.

Healthcare practitioners, trusted with the health and life challenges of others, have an essential role in the community that is impossible to over emphasize. As society has evolved, many of the traditional roles have eroded, and I believe that the skilled practitioner is now one of the few places where a person in need can find a place of safety that was once provided by doctor, elder, priest or teacher.

As stress and overwhelm corrodes the mental and physical health of the people around us, I believe that people with the practitioner skillset have a vital role to play in supporting others.

I am only able to bridge the need gap because of the deep understanding I was able to gain over three decades of clinical practice, most especially the gift of working with the awe-inspiring medical team at New Medicine Group in London’s Harley Street. As Europe's most experienced integrative healthcare team with 300 years of clinical experience between us, what we did was bridge that gap between mainstream and whole person medicine.


So for me, the question became:

As practitioners, how do we help people ride the tidal wave of negative stress?

Through self-regulation leading to connection. Every human being can do so much more than just learn to cope, and my goal is for all of us to be fulfilled, not just get by! We can learn to connect with anything around us, be that nature connection, people, communities, animals, ourselves. The more the better!

Long story short, I switched my focus from working with individual patients to championing stress-regulation when it became obvious that 1) the technology I was developing worked as well as anything we could offer in the clinic and 2) I committed to a vision of helping the greatest possible number of people and realised I could only do that with a technology that could be used by anyone, anywhere.

I came to a point where Sensate became the main therapy I was using with patients, and we were using the technology for virtually all our difficult and complex cases in clinic. The technology came out of my experience over three decades of working with people who were overwhelmed, stressed and anxious (most people, in other words). By dysregulating the nervous system, and the vagal pathways in particular, neurological overwhelm underlies most preventable illness in industrialised countries, including digestive issues like IBS, mental-emotional issues such as anxiety, addictive behaviour and inflammatory and immune system problems.




I had been working with sound and low frequency sound (infrasound) therapy for some time, using technology developed for US Army soldiers with PTSD. Sensate is the culmination of that experience, creating a small device that can be used in clinic or by people anywhere daily. My experience is that the outcomes and benefits are remarkable, and this is confirmed by patient-client-user reports >>> link to video / testimonials

Our users have now completed over 50 million Sensate minutes and already a number of practitioners are offering Sensate to their clients or patients, either before or during a session or to use at home between sessions to maintain stability and produce improved outcomes >>> link to practitioner video / testimonials

I've talked before about the notion that human beings are hardwired for anxiety. Many things made sense to me only when I fully understood this. We evolved over many generations to be sensitive to threat perception in the environment, and that is what led us to become the dominant species on the planet.

Through our highly attuned and amazing sense of threat perception, we could avoid danger and survive. Today, the stressors are different but our threat perception mechanisms are the same, and they tell us to be over active when it’s not actually useful to do so, leading to stress, overwhelm, inflammation and anxiety.

I feel we should also recognise that many of the tools that we have had available in the past are less accessible now, due to neurological overwhelm. I learnt this the hard way, working with patients and seeing diminishing results as people’s ability to engage neurologically with transformational tools fell off a cliff.

I'm talking about things like meditation, relaxation, breathing, quite literally the simplest things in the world. Notice yourself in the present moment, what could be simpler? In theory. In practice, possibly also the hardest thing you'll ever attempt to do, and now impossible for a great many people.

And I think we don't say that enough, about meditation, just quite how hard it is. It's never been easy. It's always been about working with a teacher, working for decades to get to the point where we're able to do nothing, to be able to self-regulate. But it's very hard for most of us to sit down for 10 minutes, let alone days. To just notice ourselves in the moment, to breathe and not be constantly living with a racing mind about what we should be doing.

This is why I invented Sensate! To make personal self-regulation possible for the people who can’t manage this on their own. Which is most people, in my experience.

Really, life is very simple if we allow it to be. Humans make it complicated. We can learn from children and animals to see how a simple joyous happy life can be. Making things complex keeps us a cycle of pain and suffering, a cycle of overwhelm that stops us from riding the wave.

 Man outside laying on lounger with sensate on his chest

My invitation

I’m inviting people that work with others to be part of this movement. There are many benefits to this, based on my own direct experience. Your clients will be more engaged and feel better faster, leading to:

  • Increased retention and loyalty;
  • Improved outcomes;
  • Longer relationships, more sessions;
  • Increased trust leads to greater referral of friends and family;
  • Income & discount - you receive part and your clients get a discount on purchase.

I have made this super-easy for you - you don’t carry any stock and we handle all queries and logistics. You and your clients both benefit, which is how it should be.

The world needs a mass tipping point of people who are more able to resist overwhelm from stress. I am grateful for your help in reaching the 100 million people by 2025 that will make the difference.



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