How it works

Sensate is a revolutionary way to tone your vagus nerve and tap into all of the health benefits that people typically experience as a result.

The Sensate experience works through three very important elements:

  • soundscape library
  • Sensate device
  • and you!

Together, you are going to create a calming, near-infrasonic immersive experience.

Soundscape library

The foundation of the Sensate experience is a collection of musical soundscapes that are composed especially for us by our musician and DJ, MiiG.

(Legend has it that MiiG works from a secret location in the forest, creating their own incredible library of sound, binaural beats and frequencies that create the world of Sensate.)

You can choose from themes of nature or even outer space, and from tracks that will help you wind down for a good sleep or uplift you like a sunrise. They vary in length from 10, 20 or 30 minutes so you can take as little or as much time as you need to relax.

Science of Sensate

The real magic comes from using the app and the Sensate together. Technically the Sensate is part of the music – a very unique instrument!

The final musical instrument is you. When you place the Sensate on your chest, the resonating hum of the device works on your vagus nerve through the science of bone conduction. Your chest carries the musical vibrations of the Sensate, a little bit like the gentle bass of a low speaker, into your body to soothe and calm you.

And, because the experience is completely passive, it works from the first session, without any need for the training or practice we associate with meditation.

Get the most out of your sessions

  • Set aside some uninterrupted time - even 10 minutes is enough
  • Put your phone on sleep mode or do not disturb to avoid disruptive notifications
  • Darken the room or use an eye pillow if you can
  • Try to lie flat, with the Sensate on your chest, or use the lanyard to keep it in the right place if you’re reclining in a chair
  • Remember that even though Sensate works from the first session, the overall results are cumulative
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Feedback and Testimonials

We really value the feedback and reviews from our users. There is nothing more exciting than hearing how people are experiencing Sensate and in which areas their quality of life is improving.

Visit our testimonials page to see how people have responded to their Sensate – and please contact us yourself if there is something we can improve, or if you’re happy to share your story.

Be well,

The Sensate team
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